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  • 4.21.17

    There are new laws that have been implemented in California recently that HR professionals should be aware of during their hiring process. In the article, "California Employers Must Grasp Various Criminal-History Restrictions," featured in SHRM, Benjamin Ebbink discusses ways for employers to adhere to these new regulations.

  • 4.21.17

    Fox's departure with Bill O'Reilly has inevitably prompted a conversation about the tolerance of sexual harassment culture within American businesses. In the article, "O'Reilly and Changing a Culture of Sexual Harassment," featured in the Christian Science Monitor, Michael Marra discusses the importance of having a zero-tolerance policy in place.


  • 4.25.17

    The current political and social landscape is more polarized than at any point in recent history. Conflicting ideologies fuel a disjointed approach to legislation, regulation, and enforcement, leaving many organizations unsure about how to move their businesses forward. This is especially true as it relates to decisions that impact the workforce and workplace.

  • 4.26.17

    Join R3 Risk Management & Central Carolina Insurance Agency (P.O. Box 706, Mooresville, NC  28115) for an exclusive seminar on workplace safety and employment law. Travis Vance with Fisher Phillips, a national labor and employment law firm, will lead a discussion on how to comply with federal and local laws regarding drug testing employees, wage and hour regulations, and workplace safety.

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