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Automotive Manufacturing


You need to be in compliance with workplace laws in order to keep things moving smoothly on the assembly line. Your business is unique and faces complex and daunting problems; you want attorneys who can speak your language.

The Fisher Phillips Automotive Manufacturing Practice Group represents manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, and off-highway vehicles as well as companies that manufacture and distribute vehicle parts. We understand that the automotive manufacturing industry is unique and faces complex and daunting problems. By working with us, you benefit from the fact that we know your business and speak your language.

Defense of Legal Claims
Our litigation experience in the automotive industry involves employment and other business-related matters. We have a team of seasoned trial lawyers who know how to deliver effective results, with the strategy for each matter specifically tailored to your individual needs. 

Prevention and Compliance
We don’t just litigate cases, though. We help automotive manufacturers develop and implement successful strategies to avoid labor and employment claims and problems and to operate more efficiently. This includes working with you on your policies, management and employee training, and day-to-day operational issues. 

Union Relations
We have extensive experience helping automotive manufacturing companies avoid unionization. We also help develop and broker neutrality agreements. If your company is already unionized, we negotiate with unions to ensure you get the benefit of the bargain and retain important management rights. Overall, we’ll help you operate smoothly in a union environment.





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