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In an era of unprecedented litigation and government regulation, wage and hour compliance is more important than ever. You want to line up with top-flight lawyers when setting up your compensation plans, receiving advice, handling government audits, and defending litigation.

The Fisher Phillips Wage and Hour Law Practice Group stands ready to devote our outstanding knowledge, breadth of experience, and depth of resources to provide you with practical advice, strategic assistance, and claims defense in all areas of wage and hour law.

Prevention, Compliance, and Training
In our view, preventing violations and claims should be your first priority. For that reason, we focus much of our efforts on advising you about the requirements of the many layers of federal, state, and local laws that impact your pay practices. We can help you develop an industry-focused compensation plan that strikes an effective balance between legal requirements on the one hand versus employee relations concerns, financial goals, and practicality on the other. We also perform audits to identify your problem areas before they develop into legal challenges, resolving compliance questions and helping you manage the implementation of any changes in the smoothest possible way.

Government Investigations and Compliance Audits
When government enforcement officials show up at your door, we will be by your side. While you have an obligation to reasonably cooperate, there are many steps you can take to limit the investigation’s scope and reach while minimizing or eliminating the risk of significant exposure. We find that prompt, effective planning from the outset can be the difference between a relatively painless experience and a costly one. If an investigation results in an assertion of monetary liability, we will help you evaluate your position, develop a response, and assert any defenses in the most vigorous but professional manner possible.

Defense of Legal Actions
The unprecedented explosion of wage-and-hour lawsuits in the last decade, along with increased government enforcement efforts, have cost employers tens of millions of dollars. We defend wage and hour lawsuits in courts and administrative agencies across the country, including complex cases and class and collective actions. These lawsuits involve such issues as overtime, missed meal and break periods, off-the-clock allegations, prevailing wages, independent contractor misclassification, recordkeeping, and payroll deductions, among other issues.

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