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Philadelphia Labor Attorney Explains Ins and Outs of NLRB Election Process


Workers at a Philadelphia media station who delivered their petition to management declaring their intent to unionize, and management’s refusal to voluntarily recognize the union, has caught the attention of labor and employment watchers and news media. In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Rick Grimaldi explains to reporters the legal steps employers can take in these situations, especially when it comes to the formal election process. He said: “Generally, when workers announce their intent to unionize, it’s standard practice for employers to attempt to dissuade workers from voting for the union. Employers use the time before the NLRB election to ‘give employees the other side of the story.’ Employers usually call this a period to educate their workers on the advantages and disadvantages of a union. Sometimes, though, employers agree to neutrality, promising not to carry out an anti-union campaign.”

To read the full article, visit The Philadelphia Inquirer.



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