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Fisher Phillips Attorneys Offer Insight On Northwestern Football NLRB Ruling


After a National Labor Relations Board official ruled that Northwestern football players aren't student-athletes, but employees of the university, several Fisher Phillips attorneys offered insight to the media.

In a statement to CNN, Northwestern said it plans to appeal to the NLRB in Washington, DC. The athletes have said they're seeking better medical coverage, concussion testing, four-year scholarships and the possibility of being paid.

Reyburn Lominack spoke with several media outlets about the reaction from sports fan and athletes in South Carolina.

“For now, the argument is purely hypothetical at schools such as South Carolina," said Reyburn. “This week’s ruling, which could be appealed to the full NLRB, covers private schools, which might be good news for the players at Wofford and Furman, but means little for the Gamecocks.” 

Steve Bernstein was quoted in The National Law Journal.

“It will be an uphill battle for the petitioner,” said Steve. “The holding flies in the face of decades of precedent. The concept of the employment relationship seems to have gotten lost in translation.”

Michael Abcarian appeared on CBS 11 in Dallas, and Kevin Troutman wrote and article for the Houston Chronicle. Mike Carrouth, and Jim Walters contributed to the article.

Mason Alexander was interviewed on WBT Radio on April 5. 

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