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Pay Equity Lightning Round Webinar Series

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Multiple Dates
12:00 pm – 12:20 pm ET


Join attorneys from Fisher Phillips for the Pay Equity Lightning Round, a complimentary webinar series, custom designed to meet the demands of busy in-house counsel and HR professionals. These 20-minute webinars, hosted by members of the Pay Equity Practice Group, feature a tight focus on some of the most pressing issues surrounding this high-profile area of law.

You can register for any or all of the webinars listed below by clicking the "Click Here to Register" links. 

January 30 | 12:00 pm – 12:20 pm ET
Topic: The Anatomy of a Pay Equity Audit

Laws and regulations around the drive to achieve pay equity are moving quickly. The best way to start bringing your organization into compliance with The Equal Pay Act and relevant state/local requirements is to take a long, hard look at existing pay practices to determine your risk profile and identify vulnerabilities. This webinar will provide a roadmap for planning and conducting a pay equity audit to help protect your organization from liability.

Presented by: Cheryl Behymer and Cheryl Pinarchick

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February 23 | 12:00 pm – 12:20 pm ET
Topic: California Compensation Compliance: Don’t Let Your Pay Practices Earn a Lawsuit

California’s Fair Pay Act imposes some of the strictest standards in the nation for pay equity, salary history inquires, mandatory pay scales and reliance on prior salary in compensation decisions. Companies with even one California employee need to make sure their pay practices won’t subject them to an expensive lawsuit. This webinar will provide employers with the information they need to support compliance with the California Fair Pay Act.

Presented by: Megan Winter

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March 7 | 12:00 pm – 12:20 pm ET
Topic: Salary History Bans in Connection with Pay Equity Requirements

Asking “What’s your current salary?” has been part and parcel of the hiring process for as long as employers have been hiring employees.  Today, however, several states have passed laws banning or restricting salary history questions during the hiring process.  The logic behind the ban is that pay discrimination can follow employees from job to job throughout their careers, which can result in a systemic reduction in their earning power. This webinar will review existing salary history bans to help employers comply with this evolving area of the law and eliminate confusion as to what employers can and cannot ask when it comes to compensation.

Presented by: Jeff Fritz and Monica Snyder

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March 27 | 12:00 pm – 12:20 pm ET
Topic: New York City’s Salary History Ban – Are You in Compliance?

On October 31, 2017 employers in New York City became banned from asking job applicants about their salary history. The new law is part of a broader trend across the country and is designed as a measure to address gender-based wage gaps. Organizations doing business in the City must act quickly to come into compliance with the new law, or face the potential for costly repercussions. This webinar will discuss the prohibitions under the new law and outline several key steps that employers can – and should – take right away to make sure your company complies with the law.

Presented by: Kathleen Caminiti and Melissa Osipoff

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