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The New Bully in the Workplace


Rick Grimaldi and Lori Halber’s article “The New Bully in the Workplace” was featured in Region’s Business on April 15, 2015.

Who will stand up for small businesses against the National Labor Relations Board?

After a period of relative retrenchment in the Bush Administration and early in the Obama Administration’s first term, the National Labor Relations Board (“the Board”) has been flexing its bureaucratic muscle, much to the glee of organized labor and the chagrin of businesses large and small. Take a quick look at the Board’s website and you can’t help but notice its “proud history” of working to “guarantee the rights of employees to bargain collectively.”  If that sounds pro-union, you’re right. Make no mistake, this agency is not non-partisan and it is currently bullying its way into staying relevant by targeting union and non-union employers alike. The question is, who will stand up to this bully?

To read the full article, please visit Region’s Business.


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