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San Diego Attorneys Review Workplace Drug Policies for Cannabis Use


In their bylined piece for mg Magazine titled “Workplace Drug Policies: What Can-A-Business Do?,” Danielle H. Moore and Nicole E. Stenoish discuss the evolving legal, societal and political changes surrounding cannabis that could create potential landmines for employers. Danielle and Nicole examine studies of cannabis use, noting that employees in certain industries and occupations (e.g. sales and legal) reported higher-than-average cannabis use.

Even though some states have legalized marijuana, it still remains illegal federally. Danielle and Nicole state that, even in states where marijuana is legal, “employees can be disciplined – or even terminated – for coming to work under the influence, possessing marijuana on company premises, or using marijuana while at work.” Danielle and Nicole encourage employers to stay up to date on changes in marijuana laws and to develop state-compliant workplace drug policies.

To read the full article, visit mg Magazine.

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