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How to Handle Catastrophic Accidents in the Workplace


Featured in The Business Journals, Ed Foulke's article, "How to Handle Catastrophic Accidents in the Workplace," provides employers with advice on how to properly handle a workplace accident.

"At a time when fatalities and catastrophic accidents occur in the workplace on a nearly daily basis, employers must deal with at least three very distinct audiences.

Most catastrophic incidents, including fatalities, will initiate government investigations as to the cause. Second, in today’s environment of 24-hour news coverage, the employer will be inundated by the news media covering the “breaking story.”

Finally, and most importantly, a fatality or catastrophic accident in the workplace causes the need to communicate with grieving survivors, whether family members of the deceased employees, eyewitnesses to the incident, or co-workers who feel a sense of loss."

To read the full article, please visit The Business Journals.


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