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Dealing With Ebola: Separating Fact From Hysteria


Ed Foulke’s article “Dealing With Ebola: Separating Fact From Hysteria” was featured in the California Daily Journal on October 24, 2014.

In the article, Ed provides employers with a list of preparations needed in order to maintain their business operations despite what may occur in the future. The preparations include:

  1. Developing an emergency response plan
  2. Evaluating exposure area and other factors which may affect the organization’s ability to continue operations, such as, the effects on employees when their children are sent home due to school closing
  3. Analyzing business activities and developing guidelines for travel to meetings inside and outside of the United States
  4. Reviewing safety policies and practices
  5. Engaging an employee assistance program
  6. Preparation on how to handle an employee who refuses to travel or come to work
  7. Developing a relationship with Occupational healthcare providers
  8. Ensuring that you have contact with your vendors and suppliers to ensure that they will be able to continue supplying services you need to continue operations

By utilizing these simple steps, Ed believes employers can be prepared to handle any concerns that may arise as a result of the current Ebola virus situation and be sure to protect themselves from inference with business operations as well as potential legal issues.

This article was picked up by Wolters Kluwer on November 5, 2011.


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