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Could New Regulations Impact the City's Hospitality Sector?


Rick Grimaldi and Lori Armstrong Halber created an article entitled “Could New Regulations Impact the City’s Hospitality Sector?” for Region's Business.

A variety of federal and local issues have the potential to cause restaurant owners unanticipated problems. 

 Long gone are the days in Philadelphia when a piece of fish, a baked potato and a sprig of parsley at Old Original Bookbinder’s was considered a gourmet meal. Not that the history of that storied restaurant should be disclaimed. However, in the last twenty or so years, Philadelphia has seen a boom in new restaurants. Steaks to tapas delight the palates of everyday people and gourmands alike. One could argue that the restaurant and hospitality industry largely contributed to the Center City renaissance. Will it continue? Market saturation and a sluggish economy are always concerns, but what about new regulations and legislation that threaten to slow the momentum?

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