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Business Texting on Personal Phone Blurs the Line


Ed Harold’s article “Business Texting on Personal Phone Blurs the Line” was featured in New Orleans City Business on September 30, 2014.

In recent time, free employee access to company networks through home computers, tablets and cell phones is being restricted. Businesses are much more concerned with maintaining control over communications to prevent the dissemination of sensitive information and trade secrets. This control also assists in obligations to maintain and segregate communications whether for government audits, litigation or internal reviews.

But these restrictions have their own issues. Employees are accustomed to instant communication, and restrictions on their work tools necessary to protect information frustrate them in the performance of their jobs. In these situations, employees are commonly turning to their personal cell phones to conduct company business.

In the article, Ed examines the blurred lines between managers and employees intermingling personal and business content in their text messages.

Ed advises retailers to develop policies regarding store-level employees’ use of their personal cell phones to communicate for business purposes with store employees. Employers need to weigh the value of the efficiency of communicating by text message against the risks it creates. Ed notes that the simplest policy is to prohibit store employees from using cell phones for business purposes.

To read the full article, please visit New Orleans City Business. [subscription required]


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