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Workplace Marijuana Rules Confronted in Discrimination Cases


In the article, "Workplace Marijuana Rules Confronted in Discrimination Cases," featured in The National Law Journal, attorney Danielle Moore comments on Massachusetts’ ruling that says employers can’t fire workers just for being medical marijuana patients.

Danielle Urban said the Rhode Island and Massachusetts rulings have created a “sea change” for how employers should think about marijuana.

“I think, in light of the recent cases, employers are saying, ‘Holy cow, we thought we were OK in other states.’ This throws everything up in the air,” she said.

The jumble of laws can be frustrating to employers, she said.

“I have fewer and fewer employers that have no tolerance policies. At first, everyone rushed to have these policies,” Urban said. “It’s a patchwork and, if you are a national employer, we have to treat it differently in every day.”

Please visit The National Law Journal to read the full article (subscription required). 


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