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University of Michigan, Nurses Sign Ebola Working Conditions Pact


Kevin Troutman was quoted in Modern Healthcare on November 11, 2014. The article “University of Michigan, Nurses Sign Ebola Working Conditions Pact” examined a recently signed memorandum of understanding by the University of Michigan Health System with the state's nurses union that sets guidelines for staffing, benefits, training and working conditions in the event that the system's Ann Arbor hospital receives a potential Ebola patient.

Kevin was quoted on his take of the agreement.

Kevin said he doesn't find such an agreement unusual in a union or non-union setting, because it's a demand from workers that is relatively easy to negotiate based on existing protocols.

Although Kevin doesn't think hospitals need to seek out such agreements to protect themselves, they may be an important step to stay competitive.

“If you have information that tells you that this is something that the market is going to require, then you should do it,” he said.

To read the full article, please visit Modern Healthcare.


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