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Unions Hail Supreme Court Deadlock on Friedrichs But More Suits Loom


The article, “Unions Hail Supreme Court Deadlock on Friedrichs but More Suits Loom,” featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, discussed how a top National Labor Relations Board official recently sent a memo to regional directors and field offices, acknowledging that the agency is facing a budget shortfall the rest of the fiscal year and suggesting various cost-cutting measures that could make the agency more flexible in settlement negotiations with employers.

Rick Grimaldi weighed in on the decision.

The Friedrichs decision "preserves an important revenue stream for public-sector unions, and deals a blow to those who had hoped to lessen labor's influence in public employment settings and beyond," said Rick.

In Philadelphia, when Nicholas saw the Friedrichs case moving through the court system, he quickly set a strategy in motion at Temple University Hospital and Temple University, where District 1199C represents service and clerical employees.

Starting in November, "I had five people working round the clock on this," he said, trying to convince agency employees similar to Rebecca Friedrichs - covered by a contract, but not dues-paying members - to join the union.

If the case had gone the other way, Nicholas would have lost nearly half a million dollars in annual dues, he said.

To read the full article, please visit Philadelphia Inquirer.


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