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Uber Reworks Driver Agreements After Legal Loss


Todd Scherwin was quoted in Corporate Counsel on December 14, 2015. The article “Uber Reworks Driver Agreements After Legal Loss” discussed how a high-profile worker classification lawsuit against Uber Technologies Inc. in California has brought national attention to the question of whether or not workers in the sharing economy are full-fledged employees or just contractors on a digital platform.

For now, said Todd, it makes a lot of sense for Uber to fight tooth and nail to shrink the class as much as possible, since a loss would likely upend the company’s contractor-based business model.

But that means it’ll probably be awhile before courts can get past the arbitration issue and make it to the major employment law questions.  “You may be looking at months, if not years or longer before any decisions on the merits are actually reached,” he said.

To read the full article, please visit Corporate Counsel.


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