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Uber Deal Signals Open Season on Gig Economy


The article, “Uber Deal Signals Open Season on Gig Economy,” featured in The Recorder, covered Uber’s recent $84 million settlement and how their lack of ability to resolve the core issue of whether on-demand workers are independent contractors or employees, leaves plenty of grist for the mill.

Todd Scherwin weighed in on the settlement.

"I don't think this does anything to alleviate any of the litigation," said Todd who represents employers. "I think other smaller companies that are part of the sharing economy were hoping for a definite result here."

Todd said that he anticipates that the large settlement will entice other plaintiff lawyers to "take a crack" at enterprises with business models similar to Uber's. "Those are big dollar signs," he said.

To read the full article, please visit The Recorder [subscription required].


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