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Trump Admin Throws Weight Behind Union Challenge


Todd Lyon is quoted in the article “Trump Admin Throws Weight Behind Union Challenge” featured in The Washington Free Beacon. The Trump administration is breaking from the federal government’s traditional position by making the case that all public sector collective bargaining equates to political speech, since wages and benefits affect the way state and local governments, as well as federal agencies, budget and set political priorities. 

The support of the federal government could bolster the plaintiffs’ case. It opens the door for Solicitor General Noel Francisco to participate in oral arguments before the Court which Todd says would “add value to the overall argument.” 

"My instinct is that the solicitor general is granted that oral argument whenever they are involved in a case," he told the Washington Free Beacon. "Having the weight of the federal government supporting the position of the plaintiffs would add quite a bit of value." 

To read the full article, please visit The Washington Free Beacon.


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