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States To Take On a Plethora of Workplace Issues in 2020


Sacramento partner Ben Ebbink and Philadelphia partner Rick Grimaldi, co-founders of FP Advocacy, spoke with Bloomberg Law on the numerous workplace issues that states are expected to take up in 2020. From classification issues for gig employees to wage and hour issues and noncompete contracts, states are poised to make changes as the federal government remains slow to react. “For about the last 10 years, the states are really where all the action is,” said Ben. “We expect that will continue.” When asked about the uptick in states looking at noncompete contracts, Rick said, “there’s a lot of concern about the limitations on an employee’s ability to move.” States like Rhode Island and Washington have placed restrictions on noncompete agreements and he suggests that Illinois and Pennsylvania are considering similar proposals. 

To read the full article, visit Bloomberg Law.

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