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Some Uber Drivers Object to Proposed $100 Million Settlement


The article, “Some Uber Drivers Object to Proposed $100 Million Settlement,” featured in the Los Angeles Times, reported on around a dozen of Uber drivers and lawyers that have filed objections to Uber’s proposed $100 Million settlement, arguing that the company shortchanges drivers and that they want the case to go to trial.

Todd Scherwin commented on the objections.

Objections filed by individuals and attorneys are not uncommon in class-action settlements of this size, said Todd. The combined classes of California and Massachusetts amount to some 385,000 drivers. But how much weight they’ll have on a judge’s decision depends on what they’re arguing.

“If somebody had truly done their homework and was putting forward a damage model that shows what drivers are being shorted, that may get the judge’s attention,” he said. “Anything less than that is not going to be given much weight.”

“There’s always the perception that the only people making money on this are the plaintiffs’ lawyers,” Todd said. “I don’t think the judge looks at that. The judge decides what’s a fair amount to pay.”

To read the full article, please visit Los Angeles Times.


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