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Social Media Are A Potential Minefield On The Job


New Orleans partner Ed Harold was quoted in the March 25 Times-Picayune article "Social Media Are A Potential Minefield On The Job." The article reported on the recent resignation of a federal prosecutor amid a scandal over hundreds of online posts he authored under an alias. While this case is high-profile, it highlights a common issue for anyone who is gainfully employed. Workers enter a potential minefield when logging in to social networking sites to talk shop — even when posting off the clock, in the privacy of one's home. Ed noted that many people mistakenly believe that the First Amendment allows them to say whatever they want and still keep their jobs. In Louisiana an employee can be fired for saying just about anything the employer doesn't like. "Are you free to say whatever you want? No, you're not. You're free to say it, but you're also free to go find another job," he said. "Your employer is free and able to consider how you behave away from work in making decisions about your employment."


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