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SA Virologist: 'We Have To Be Cautious'


Kevin Troutman was featured in KSAT 12’s segment “SA Virologist: 'We Have To Be Cautious'” on October 13, 2014.

The segment focused on the renewed concerns about the Ebola virus following the infection of a nurse in Dallas, who had been treating a man with the virus.

Kevin was quoted on his beliefs as to why a nurse who'd been treating an Ebola patient at a Dallas hospital became infected even though she reportedly followed safety procedures.

“There may be more to it,” said Kevin.

"Maybe the CDC guidelines were breached or the other side of the coin is that maybe the CDC guidelines are inadequate and maybe the person that was contaminated was contaminated because those CDC guidelines aren't adequate," said Kevin.

To view the full article or to watch the segment, please visit KSAT 12.


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