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Review FMLA Practices to Ensure Compliance


Kevin Troutman was quoted in the article “Review FMLA Practices to Ensure Compliance,” featured on September 23, 2014.

Kevin was quoted on the importance of employers providing managers with good FMLA training.

“Walk through ‘What if?’ scenarios,” he recommended. “How would a supervisor handle it if an employee has been approved for intermittent leave and shows up late or misses work without explanation?”

Kevin recommended walking through, in groups, what managers should do if they suspect there is FMLA abuse. Managers can ask questions, like, “Why are you late today?” If they aren’t satisfied with the answers, they can talk with HR.

Often managers will have heard something from another employee who has seen something on Facebook. Be careful in these situations, Kevin cautioned, noting one case where someone on FMLA leave was with her terminally ill mother in Las Vegas. The trip was a “last wish” type of trip and the employee was still caring for her mother. That was “well within the parameters of FMLA leave,” he remarked.

Managers shouldn’t throw a party when employees return from leave, but should let the employees know they’re concerned about how they’re doing and maintain a good relationship, Kevin added.

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