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Retail Industry Practice Group Chair Discusses Holiday Hiring Challenges with Law360


When business booms during the holidays, risk abounds for retailers. In today’s tight labor market, businesses are having a particularly challenging time staffing up to meet swelling seasonal demand, according to Ed Harold, chair of the firm’s retail industry practice group, who recently addressed the issue with Law360. To close gaps, businesses tend to hire teenagers, which comes with a unique set of risks. For example, according to Harold, many states force employers to comply with additional regulations before they can hire workers who are under 18, such as obtaining a certification from teens showing they’re able to work. Some states may also limit what work teens can do and when they can do it. “If you have one of those Black Friday, open-at-midnight-on-Thanksgiving-night operations going on, it may be that if you hire minors, they will not be able to work that shift,” Harold said.

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