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Regulation Reboot: What Is OSHA's Fate Under A Trump Administration?


Although Trump ran on a platform of creating a more business-friendly environment, many are still unclear how his administration will deal with the regulation-heavy Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In the article, "Regulation Reboot: What Is OSHA's Fate Under A Trump Administration?," featured in Construction DIVE, Partner Edwin G. Foulke Jr. addresses what he believes will be the change in approach from the Obama administration. 

"Enforcement by shame is not an effective safety tool," Foulke said. He added that he doesn't expect more of those harsh press releases to come anytime soon. Alternatively, he said, OSHA under Trump will likely focus on a lighter approach and help employers comply with regulations rather than hitting them with stiff penalties and several citations.

To read the full article, please visit Construction DIVE.


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