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Re-entering the Workforce With a Chronic Condition


Kevin Troutman was quoted on Healthline News on January 15, 2015. The article “Re-entering the Workforce With a Chronic Condition” examined the challenges faced by survivors of chronical illnesses when re-entering the workforce.

Kevin was quoted on the decisions survivors must make prior to re-entering the workforce.

He said that after reviewing their individual disability income plan, patients need to honestly ask themselves if they want to return to work.

“It starts with the person determining what they want to do and an honest evaluation of their qualifications,” Kevin told Healthline. “Can I do this job, and if so, what does the job require and what accommodations, if any, do I need?”

Some people who are chronically ill choose not to reveal their health condition to their employer. Kevin noted that employers can only make medical inquiries during certain points during the employment process. They cannot ask medical questions until they’ve made a conditional offer of employment.

To read the full article, please visit Heatlthline.


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