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Proposed Overtime Rules Could Expand Who Makes More


Tim Scott was interviewed for a New Orleans City Business article entitled “Proposed Overtime Rules Could Expand Who Makes More.”

According to the article, President Barack Obama issued a memorandum proposing to expand who qualifies for overtime pay and simplify overtime rules.

Currently, the U.S. Department of Labor exempts certain managerial, administrative and professional staff from receiving overtime. The professional exemption includes lawyers, doctors, CPAs, nurses. All jobs that require an advance degree and are frequently paid on an hourly or contractual basis, according to New Orleans City Business.

Tim explained that the managerial exemption currently applies to individuals who oversee a department or sub-department, have hiring and firing authority, and receive a paid salary of at least $455 a week.

“Although the changes aren’t clear yet, I think we could see the Department of Labor requiring a raise in the salary threshold for certain exempt employees,” Scott said.


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