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OSHA’s New Reporting Rules Raise New Concerns for Employers


The article, “OSHA’s New Reporting Rules Raise New Concerns for Employers,” featured on XpertHR Blog, discussed how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new rules are resulting in confusion and alarm among employers who seek to simply understand how the rules affect their everyday policies and procedures.

While a good deal of attention has been focused on the new electronic filing requirements, Ed Foulke suggested that the “hoopla” over these new requirements is overshadowing more important aspects of the changes. “When [the electronic filing requirements] came out, that’s all everyone was talking about. It’s all this other stuff that’s the really big deal,” said Ed. Cautioning that employers have been focusing on the “wrong thing,” Ed provided three new requirements that employers must not ignore:

  1. Reasonable Reporting Procedures
  2. Drug Testing
  3. Retaliation and Safety Incentive Programs

To read the full article, please visit XpertHR Blog.


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