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NY Risks Overreach With Ban On Secret Harassment Accords


Law360 quoted New Orleans Partner Ed Harold in the May 22 article “NY Risks Overreach With Ban On Secret Harassment Accords.” The article recounted a recent proposal by the speaker of the Democrat-dominated New York State Assembly to ban confidentiality agreements on sexual harassment settlements for state officials. The proposal came after he faced criticism from both parties for his role in approving a secret $103,000 settlement in a sexual harassment case involving a fellow Democrat. Ed pointed out that a total ban may not be the best course of action. He said: “People who are not necessarily public figures may want to avoid media scrutiny. They many not want it splashed all over the front page that they accused someone of sexual harassment." He also noted that sometimes sexual harassment claims have no merit and public officials, as well as bosses in the private sector, may have good reason to ask for confidentiality when settling claims they believe to be baseless or legally unsound


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