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Kolker Sides with State Labor in Vacating Rauner's Nullification of 'Fair Share'


In the article “Kolker Sides with State Labor In Vacating Rauner's Nullification Of 'Fair Share'” featured in Madison – St. ClairRecord, Todd Lyon and Rich Meneghello were quoted. The article discusses the recent ruling by St. Claire County Associate Judge Chris Kolker’s that Governor Bruce Rauner’s executive order prohibiting the collection of union dues from non-union state workers violates collective bargaining agreements. 

In an order entered December 27, Kolker held that Rauner cannot nullify “fair share” provisions that non-union workers have to pay as condition for receiving the benefit of unions’ bargaining power. 

"It signals the court intends to overturn the current state of the law," said Todd and Rich in a joint email interview. 

"There would be no need to accept the case unless they intended to change the law that has existed since 1977. Now that there is a replacement for Scalia, who is likely as conservative as him, the court has the necessary votes to change the law." 

To read the full article, please visit Madison – St. ClairRecord.

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