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Jury Finds Against Union, Awards $5.3 Million in Damages to Cleaning Firm


The article, “Jury Finds Against Union, Awards $5.3 Million in Damages to Cleaning Firm,” featured in the Houston Chronicle, discussed how a cleaning firm being awarded $5.3 million in damages over hardball tactics has opened the door for more employers to sue unions over similar tactics often used in membership drives and contract disputes.

Kevin Troutman, who mostly represents health care companies, suspects targeted companies will feel they have new opportunities to push back.

Kevin noted that the trial in Houston opened a window to union campaign tactics through a manual, emails and memos and how the union could inflict pressure and pain on businesses by filing charges with regulators, challenging permits, and approaching lenders with damaging information about employers.

"I think it will take a little wind out of their sails," Kevin said of the verdict.

To read the full article, please visit the Houston Chronicle.


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