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Fisher Phillips Attorney Examines Legal Risks of Using Social Media to Vet Potential Employees


According to a 2018 social-media-recruitment survey, 70 percent say they use social-networking sites to research job candidates. But are there risks for employers when using social media to determine hiring or firing decisions? In an interview with HR Executive, LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis says when it comes to candidate vetting, proponents of social-media monitoring suggest using a third-party vendor or someone not involved in hiring decisions to conduct these searches. “A better approach, however, is to have a solid hiring and onboarding process that you trust to bring forth the best candidates. If your business, because of the industry or type of work performed, is one that believes undertaking the [social-media] search is worth the risk,” she says, “it’s advisable to develop parameters to be applied to such searches and apply those consistently.”

To read the full article, visit HR Executive.

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