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Employers Must Tread Carefully With Social Media Checks


New Orleans City Business quoted Partner Tim Scott in the August 16 article “Employers Must Tread Carefully With Social Media Checks.”

The article reported on the continuing issues surrounding the use of social media network profiles as a screening tool for job applicants.

Employers know to steer clear of certain questions during job interviews. Topics such as age, religion, political views, or sexual orientation could open the employer to accusations of discrimination if the person is not hired. 

But social network profiles now make all of that information available. Although social media can provide a more comprehensive picture of a person, Tim noted that there is a danger for companies that use the resource. 

He said: “I think there is a fundamental disconnect between applicants and companies.

Companies feel they have the right to conduct a thorough background check, which includes looking into someone’s social media account. Meanwhile, most candidates see this as an invasion of privacy.”

He advised that employers notify potential hires that they will be screening their social networking sites as part of their hiring process and to explain to the candidate the business reasons for doing so.


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