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Employers Must Be Cautious In Shifting Schedules To Curb OT


Atlanta attorney Ted Boehm was quoted in the October 23 Law360 article "Employers Must Be Cautious In Shifting Schedules To Curb OT." The article reported on a recent 8th Circuit ruling that confirmed that employers can change their employees' workweeks to cut down on overtime without violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. But employers must handle the transition carefully to remain compliant with the law. Before making changes to their employees' workweek as a cost-saving measure, employers must examine the state wage-and-hour laws that apply in areas where they operate. Ted said: "The first thing employers should always do is make sure that the state in which they operate does not have its own overtime law. Often states have their own laws that differ from the FLSA, and you can't assume that if a state does have its own overtime law, a court in that state would agree with the 8th Circuit's rationale."


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