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Do Your Anti-Harassment Policies Need an Update?


In the Medical Office Today article “Do Your Anti-Harassment Policies Need an Update?” Kevin Troutman, a partner in the Houston office and chair of the firm's Healthcare Practice Group, offered advice to medical practices about creating anti-harassment policies. Kevin noted that policies must remain current and address workplace trends. “A common mistake that I encounter in working with clients is that their no-harassment policies address only sexual harassment and not harassment based on race, age, disability, etc.” He added that it’s important to cover all of the bases and make it clear that employees are not expected to tolerate harassment from anyone. Anti-harassment policies also need to address proper protocol for reporting harassment. “It’s also just good employee relations to make sure employees understand that you don’t tolerate harassment. You don’t want to just do what’s required, you don’t want to just do what’s legal – you want to do what’s right.”


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