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Corporate Campaign Results in $7.8M Award Against Union


The article, “Corporate Campaign Results in $7.8M Award Against Union,” featured in SHRM, discussed how the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) overly aggressive organizing proved to be costly for the union, which has been ordered to pay $7.8 million to Professional Janitorial Service of Houston (PJS).

PJS has been fighting the organizing drive for nearly 10 years, filing suit against the union on May 3, 2007. During that time, the SEIU intentionally tried to harm the company by costing it business, according to Kevin Troutman.

The union stated in its handbills, speeches and rallies that PJS regularly withheld pay, forced employees to work off the clock and engaged in unfair labor practices—statements that were found to be untrue, Kevin added.

The SEIU also interfered with PJS's relationships with customers; about 12 companies ended their relationships with PJS. One customer severed her relationship with PJS after the union stormed her office and occupied her conference rooms to protest her hiring PJS, Kevin noted.

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