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Co-Chairs of Global Immigration Practice Prepare Employers For ICE Raids


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues its focus on worksite enforcement on employers, which includes workplace raids, inspections, audits, and arrests. In the Material Handling and Logistics article, “ICE Steps Up Review of Workplace Violations”, Global Immigration Practice co-chairs Davis Bae and Shanon Stevenson are quoted on what to do in event of an ICE raid.

They suggest employers should:

  1. Understand that ICE officials with a search warrant are entitled to immediate access to your premises and your records.
  2. Monitor the search to ensure the ICE agents stay within the scope of the warrant, but stay out of their way to the greatest extent possible. 
  3. Be mindful of how your actions during the raid might harm the company.
  4. Track what and who is seized by ICE and give that list to your legal counsel when the enforcement action ends.
  5. Work with your legal counsel to determine the best way to address the media after the raid.

To read the full article, visit Material Handling and Logistics.

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