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Attorneys Provide Tips To Help Employers Fight Unconscious Bias


Lori Armstrong Halber and Rick Grimaldi are quoted in the Law360 article “4 Tips To Help Employers Fight Unconscious Bias” on sharing tips to eliminate implicit bias in the workplace. Lori and Rick note that while most everyone carries unconscious biases, training is a way of teaching employees both how to recognize tendencies toward bias and how to disrupt that type of thinking.  

When it comes to conducting anti-bias training, Rick said “One key factor to ensure its effectiveness is to make it as interactive as possible for the workers receiving it.”

“People learn best when they ‘feel’ … [and] the interactiveness can be far more effective when people are shown and not told, and when they have an emotional connection to what’s going on in the training,” Lori added.

 To read the full article, visit Law360.


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