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Attorney is Quoted on New Starbucks Bias Training


In the Bloomberg Law article “Can Bias Training Brew Harmony? Starbucks, Other Firms Hope So,” Rick Grimaldi and Lori Armstrong Halber are quoted on the new training practices being implemented by large companies such as Starbucks and American Airlines. “Everyone walks around with a certain level of unconscious bias,” Rick said. “When you’re talking about diversity and inclusion, you start with training but you don’t end with it.”

Due to certain events such as those at a Philadelphia Starbucks and the travel advisory against American Airlines by the NAACP in 2016, corporations are changing their approach on customer service to ensure they are catering to a more diverse customer base. Lori said that “if we are talking big picture, it’s got to be reflected in your policies and procedures. It starts from the top.”

For the full article visit Bloomberg Law. (Subscription required) 


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