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Attorney Comments on the Progress Toward Pay Equity


Megan Winter is quoted in the Human Resource Executive article "Making Progress Toward Pay Equity." In this article, Megan provides insight on the 9th Circuit appeals court ruling that states relying on an employee’s past salary, either alone or in combination with other factors to determine current salary, is forbidden. According to Megan, this new standard has opened up employers to a wide range of liability and "the first step [toward ensuring that compensation is determined fairly] is to audit, audit, audit."

"A privileged pay-equity audit, directed by a qualified attorney, cannot sit at the bottom of the to-do list anymore, because the 9th Circuit just created a roadmap for a slew of new claims. You can't mitigate the liability if you don't know where your weaknesses are,” she added.

To read the full article, visit Human Resource Executive.


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