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The article, “All for One,” featured in the February edition of Biz New Orleans, discussed how local law firms see the value in collaboration.

Ed Harold provided his take on the importance of collaboration in the legal industry.

“I find New Orleans to be a very collegial legal community,” said Ed. “On occasion, I am faced with an issue of first impression or a highly unusual fact pattern, and I will send an email to a few attorneys who might have insight. And they invariably respond. When I have a question outside my field, it is very easy for me to find an attorney in that field who will take a call and provide an answer.”

“Collaboration is very valuable. I think it brings different perspectives to solving a problem,” Ed said. “The combination of different areas of experience can be very beneficial to clients. If a firm represents clients who operate internationally, then having relationships and collaborating with firms from around the world is important. Having a relationship with a foreign firm that you know and trust introducing your clients to is a valuable service.”

“The main collaborative efforts in which we engage with other firms are in bar association groups, CLE conferences, and other civic activities,” Ed said. “Many CLE events turn into discussions of new and difficult issues and the best way to approach them.”

To read the full article, please visit Biz New Orleans.


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