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A Changing Workforce


Alexa Miller was quoted in the November 2015 issue of South Jersey Magazine. The article “A Changing Workforce” discussed the impact of the proposed regulations amending the Fair Labor Standard Act’s salary threshold for overtime exemptions.

Alexa provided insight on the anticipating impact of the proposed regulations and the importance of planning ahead.

It’s estimated that five million workers are going to be grouped into this new category,” explained Alexa. “Workers who are classified as exempt managers and supervisors who earn as much as $50,000 a year would have to be reclassified as non-exempt hourly employees who will have to be paid overtime accordingly.”

But it’s never a bad idea to take a closer look at budgeting and overtime costs. Alexa suggested starting with an internal audit to determine which positions are currently paid in the $23,000 to $50,00 range who might fall into the new category. “Typically salaried employees are not keeping track of the time that they work,” she noted. “Think about updating policies to address this and telling transitioning employees how you’re going to track their time going forward.”

Imposing an email curfew is one such alternative measure to which some employers are turning. “Email curfews definitely have the potential to curtail off-duty work,” said Alexa. But while this may solve one problem, it could also create others. “You have to think about your customers and client service and what the expectation is, which will vary depending on the business.”

To read the full article, please visit South Jersey Magazine.

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