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Ed Foulke Offers Guidance On Creating Comprehensive Safety Programs


Ed Foulke was quoted in Bloomberg BNA after speaking at the annual Michigan Safety Conference in Lansing.

"No company will be successful without a strong, comprehensive safety program, and no one is going to follow it if the rules aren't clear and simple," said Ed.

"You don't want a 20-page lockout/tagout policy," explained Ed.

Steps corporate safety officials can take to avoid running into trouble with OSHA include knowing which standards apply to a company.

“It's shocking how many companies do not know," said Ed. "Additional steps include auditing to some internal records to see if there are patterns of injuries that could be due to some flaw that could be corrected."

OSHA is looking for blocked exits, lack of personal protective equipment, record keeping errors and lack of training for all employees, he explained. All are routine violations that can be avoided with a little care.


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