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OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements: Ensuring Full Compliance

Date and Time
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Going into 2020, OSHA is continuing its focus of inspecting and citing employers who violate its recordkeeping standard. Proper recordkeeping has become more critical to employers since OSHA promulgated changes to its recordkeeping standard over the past several years which requires employers to not only contact OSHA in an expedited time for certain types of fatalities and incidents, but to also electronically file its 300-A  Summaries. With the start of the new year, most employers are required to complete their OSHA 300-A Summaries for posting starting on February 1, 2020.

This presentation will (1) examine the many recordkeeping pitfalls that employees face, especially those with multiple locations and those using temporary employees; (2) cover how to coordinate your injury and illness recordkeeping with other recordkeeping requirements and how employers can effectively use recordkeeping to improve their current safety and health management program; (3) examine in detail the changes made by OSHA in the recordkeeping standard, in particular the increased employer reporting requirements and (4) discuss proper posting and electronic filing of your OSHA recordkeeping data.

This webinar will be presented by Edwin G.  Foulke, Jr., a Partner with Fisher Phillips and President of FP Safety Solutions. Prior to joining Fisher Phillips, Ed was the Assistant Secretary of  Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Administration during the President George W. Bush Administration. Ed is very knowledgeable on the subject of OSHA and workplace safety and will explain how employers can be fully compliant with the OSHA recordkeeping requirements.


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