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March Mayhem Bracket For Employers: Biggest Workplace Headaches


(Labor Letter, March 2011)

About this time of year, most of your employees will start wasting a good chunk of their day filling out brackets in anticipation of the NCAA college basketball tournament. Why try to beat them when you can join them? Fisher Phillips has created a bracket for employers, but instead of predicting basketball results, we want you to tell us your biggest headaches for employers.

It's simple – just like picking basketball games, we want you to go through the bracket below and let us know which is your biggest headache for each matchup. For example, in the "Medical Issues, Leave and Attendance" Region, which annoys you the most: employees on intermittent leave, or having to figure out the "rolling backward" leave year? The winners advance, until you are left with a "Final Four" of the biggest workplace headaches, one from each Region. Then, email your Final Four to, and next month, we'll offer some practical tips for dealing with the four biggest workplace annoyances as chosen by you.

But please – no wagering. Happy Bracketing!

For more information contact the author at or 503-242-4262. 


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