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Drafting A Social-Media Policy That Protects Your Business


Almost every business today relies on the Internet to help improve its operations. Social networking sites are playing an increasingly important role in how companies communicate with their customers and other interested parties. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are rapidly gaining new users.

While these technologies can be helpful, they can also be disruptive in the workplace, and have the potential to hurt a hotel's business. To help limit this risk, companies should take steps to ensure that their employees are properly using social networking sites as they relate to the company. A properly drafted and comprehensive social-media policy can help you manage the potential risk.

What's In Your Policy?

A well-crafted "Blogging and Social Networking" policy should:

See You Online – Or Maybe In Court

As the laws in this area continue to evolve, employers can reasonably expect to face lawsuits either because of their employees' online activities, or for taking adverse employment actions based on what employees say and do online. In the meantime, manage the legal risks presented by employee social-media use by developing and emphasizing to your staff a policy governing online statements that might affect the company. Many of these suggested policies are based on common sense principles – principles that sometimes don't find their way into the virtual world.

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