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Workplace Best Practices for Using AI and Robots


Richard Meneghello, Sarah Moore and John Lai authored the article “Workplace Best Practices for Using AI and Robots” featured in Law360. The article warns of the risks of using artificial intelligence to perform what was once human work functions. 

“Thanks to recent technological advances, AI algorithms and robots are developing the sophistication to displace human employees, causing many employers to engage in mass layoffs and reductions in force. For instance, Goldman Sachs recently laid off nearly 600 equity traders whose work has largely been supplanted by automated trading programs and a team of computer engineers,” wrote the attorneys.

The authors note: “As employers continue to pursue disruptive technologies like AI and robotics that can reduce workforces, unions and employees will mount legal challenges in an effort to protect their positions. To ensure employers can implement these technologies with minimal repercussions you should assess their risks and liabilities and help them put together a strategic plan. Consider the following measures to avoid liability resulting from AI- and robotics-motivated layoffs.”

To read the entire article, please visit Law 360 (subscription required)

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