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Who's On Your Campus? Have You Checked The Sex-Offender List Lately?


Suzanne Bogdan's guest post for The Edvocate entitled "Who’s On Your Campus? Have You Checked The Sex-Offender List Lately?" was featured on August 14, 2014.

Her guest post focuses on the challenge for school administrators with not only monitoring their employee and job applicants for sex offenders, but the need to discover and restrict sex offenders who are employee relatives, volunteers, contractors and individuals authorized to bring students to and from campus.

Suzanne provides insight into three ways that school administrators can identify and restrict sex offenders who are not employees but have access to the school's campus and students.

  1. Subject all non-employees visiting or performing work  at the school to a search on an established sex-offender database, such as the one run by the Department of Justice
  2. Alternately, assign an employee sworn to confidentiality or hire an outside company to check names that the school collects against those databases. This once-a-year review is not as effective, but it is less expensive.
  3. Compare the names of coaches, volunteers and others who are likely to have unsupervised access to children to a sex-offender list. That includes employees of any firm that operates a program on campus.

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