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What You Need to Know About Hiring Summer Help


As the summer approaches, students are planning for their futures. Do they want to backpack through Asia, take summer courses, or take up a summer job? For the group who wants to take up a summer job, you, as an employer, may find yourself with many available workers who are eager and willing to work in order to pad their wallets or their resumes. What kinds of things must you look for when hiring temporary, summer help though? Here are a few hot spots to keep your eyes on:

Make sure you discuss the duration of the student's employment and set an end date (while still leaving yourself open to termination before that date if things don't go as planned). Put the start and end dates along with other important terms and conditions of the summer employment in writing. If everyone knows what to expect, the relationship can run its course and be beneficial for all parties involved.

This article appeared in the May 2010 edition of IHRSA HR Digest.

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