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What Legalizing Pot Would Mean for Ohio's Employers


Sam Lillard’s article “What Legalizing Pot Would Mean for Ohio's Employers,” was featured in Columbus Business First on October 30, 2015.

This election season presents a historic amendment to the Ohio Constitution. The proposed amendment would allow those older than 21 to use marijuana in their homes as long as they don’t possess more than nine ounces at one time. The proposal also would let individuals grow marijuana for personal use as long as they register as growers with the states.

In the article, Sam discusses what legalizing pot would mean for Ohio’s employers.

Sam states that regardless of whether Ohio legalize marijuana use, employers in the state should still continue to pursue a drug-free work place program (which may include pre-employment testing, random drug testing, testing when there is reasonable suspicion of use and post-accident testing.) In fact, Ohio employers are motivated to adopt a drug-free workplace program because those that establish one can qualify for a discount on their workers compensation insurance premiums..

To read the full article, please visit Columbus Business First.


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